English Play on Berlin Stage

Berlin Theater Group Takes Off with English Language Play


Have you ever felt afraid to fly?

Ever worried about losing someone you loved?

Ever thought the guy sitting next to you might be a terrorist?

Terminal Connections, an innovative production staged  in Berlin by the Play2C theatre company this May, tackled all of these issues and more.  The English-language production  showcased six short plays, all set in airports around the world  the settings  for candid goodbyes, hellos & private moments  of transition & change.

Love, loss, terror, hope & hopelessness are all addressed in these vignettes.   Each script was written during workshops held at the HB Playwrights Foundation & Theatre in New York City, an organization dedicated to long term development of theatrical works.  

“The stories touch upon our fears” explained Ali von Stein, the company’s German artistic director. “Fear of death, fear about the future, fear of love and even xenophobia.  And fear,” von Stein points out, “may lead to a loss of direction – yet airports are all about directions and where you’re going. So this is all about overcoming fear and breaking through, growing your own wings.”

Comprised of over 13 nationalities, the cast and crew themselves have all come a long way  to make this theatrical showcase happen in Berlin.   The multi-cultural cast and performance in one of the world’s most multi-cultural cities enhanced the performance and stories.   In this modern time with everyone in what seems to be  constant motion you feel most yourself you are on the verge of travel – beginning,  ending or in-between.

The cast was delightful, the set simple and communicative, the venue an old flour mill loving restored to house this small but strong theater group also represented change and has itself transitioned from its original purposed.

A thoughtful play thoughtfully played out.