Uber Endurance Demonstrates Über German-American Pride

Uber Endurance Sports started hosting running events in Pennsylvania last year and they are quickly making a name for themselves in the running world.

Two of their most popular events happen over the next few weeks – The Dirty German ( a mere 50 mile trail run)  & The ½ Sauer – ½ Kraut (1/2 Marathon).  It is with events like these that the Weiss family shares and celebrates their passions for family, fitness, German-American heritage & food.

Food and entertaining has always played a huge role for the Weiss family!   Stephan Weiss & his wife Linda always enjoyed baking & cooking.  Linda is a pastry chef by trade.  Linda studied at Johnson & Wales University, worked in Stuttgart, Germany as well at The Old Brauhaus Restaurant in Philadelphia.  Stephan loved Linda and her cooking.  When Linda’s father passed away a few years ago the family had a wakeup call.  They changed their lifestyles and together lost a collective 130 pounds and became more active – a new passion was found: running and racing!  To share their love of sport, food & all things German American the family founded Uber Endurance Sports.

Since its inception Uber Endurance has hosted many popular events with names like The Sloppy Cuckoo, Oktober Lauf Fest ½ Marathon, and Mount Cuckoo with hundreds of participants and helped to raise over $7000.00 for charity.  They have also given out some very German awards including Cuckoo Clocks,Cuckoo Whistles instead of your traditional participant’s medal & German Weather Houses.   Each race is a family celebration – with Linda’s brother, Walter Grund, Jr., and even Linda’s mother, Thekla Grund, both are very much involved in each event preparing and serving food to the finishers.   How does a beer, sauerkraut & potato salad sound after a 50 mile run? Delicious!

Uber Endurance celebrates the power of the human spirit and sport with a German-American pride.  Stephan Weiss, Race Director, put it best “Being German-American to me means embracing both countries. I'm proud of my German heritage, but I’m equally proud to be a part of this nation. I strongly believe that this country still rewards hard work and that the American dream is still alive. Add to that German core values, and you have a good recipe at doing well here.”

Uber Endurance is planning on several more races this year.  The Mount Cuckoo 15K (a real wacky summer race) and the Blue Bavarian, a trail 1/2 Marathon in the Berks County, Pennsylvania.

For more information on upcoming events visit www.uberendurancesports.com.  Guten Lauf!  Guten Appetit!