Book Review : A Physical & Spritual Journey from Berlin to Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA (awj) -A Serendipitous Life by Dr. Karl Rickels is fascinating and warm memoir of the author's journey through life complete with its joys, sadness, and unpredictable nature. Dr. Rickels recounts his childhood growing up in Berlin, Germany‘s capital, serving in Rommel's Africa Corps in World War II, and his first trip to the United States in 1943 as a POW - where he realized his desire to return one day and make a life for himself. Dr. Rickels did far more than recognize a dream of living and working in the United States; he raised a family and became a pioneer in the field of Psychophar­macology.

Dr. Rickels has crafted his story in a way that engages the reader from the first page. It is a loving and carefully written encapsulation of a man, his memories and a lifetime of wisdom about life, love, and the ways of the world. Insights into the scientific realm from this renowned American psychiatrist, the world's leading expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders with medication, allow the reader to experience his mindset and thoughts.

The author set out to write his story as a gift for his family so that with times passing they would know his personal history, their family roots, and the importance of a life lived in the present with your eyes wide open mixed with a nimble nature. Dr. Rickels exceeded his original goal and created a piece that is of interest to any reader who enjoys a story of perseverance, tenacity, and of embracing life and all it offers.

He speaks lovingly of his family from his parent's wisdom and strength, his first wife‘s tragic early death, his sons, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, and his wife Linda with whom he shared over fifty years. The family stories and life lessons are truly a gift for all who read this book.

Dr. Rickels' has provided not only an intriguing memoir but timeless insights about living life to its fullest today and tomorrow - serendipitously.